Our portal contains current and historic information about Everen membership. This includes assets, coverages, premium and losses. In addition there are comparatives that provide useful benchmarks with other members.  Forms and Shareholder memos are also available on the portal. We recommend that anyone who works with risk or financials have access to the portal. 

Each member company has been allocated 2 accounts. The shareholder representative can determine the individuals who will have accounts. We encourage those individuals with accounts to share information with their team.  If you need additional accounts, please reach out to [email protected] 

Over time we anticipate all information (including TWP estimates and billing details) will be accessed via the portal.

To register for a member portal account, please email [email protected]. New account creation can take up to two working days.   
I forgot my password, or my multifactor isn’t working.  
Please contact [email protected]