The benefits of membership 

Everen’s innovative mutual structure means that the company isn’t reliant on external capital. Its broad and stable terms and conditions, single largest net capacity, transparent and predictable premium model, and consistent claims payments make it a complementary and stable addition  to the commercial insurance market. 

Policy features

Everen’s approach is straightforward and transparent. The company offers one policy for all members. The product has no sublimits and three coverages – All Risk Physical Damage, Third Party Pollution and Control of Well.              
Thanks to a formulaic underwriting process, members have access to cost-effective insurance capacity with a minimum deductible of $10 million and up to $450 million per occurrence for all owned assets. 

By the numbers: A story of growth

Number of members in 1972
  • 16
  • 70

    Number of members in 2023

equity in 1972
  • $160,000
  • $3.5 billion

    Shareholders' equity in