Executive Team

The ongoing success of Everen is largely attributed to the extraordinary group of individuals in charge of our operations – from our business strategy, to our product, to our investment approach, to customer support and claims adjudication. In addition to our talented executive team, the Everen Board of Directors – drawn from leading companies from around the world represents the very best of the industry. 

  • Bertil Olsson
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Robert Foskey
    Senior Vice President
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Marlene Cechini
    Senior Vice President
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Theresa Dunlop
    Vice President
    Senior Property Underwriter
    Team Leader
  • Ricky Lines
    Senior Vice President
    Chief Investment Officer
  • Lars Østebø
    Senior Vice President
    Business Development Officer
  • Karyn Peixoto
    Vice President
    Human Resources
  • Matthew Pifer
    Senior Vice President
    General Counsel,
    Head of Claims