Regulatory, tax & legal

We successfully maintain high standards in this area through:

  • Effective and close working relationships with regulators and rating agencies
  • Strong control environment with an active Audit Committee
  • External assurance from top firms (KPMG auditors, PWC internal auditors)
  • Long-term relationships with top-tier international law firms


Ethics & compliance

Ethics & compliance are an ongoing priority at Everen:

  • Ethics & Compliance Officer is part of Senior Management team
  • Comprehensive sanctions compliance program
  • Robust Privacy notice
  • Mandatory annual ethics & compliance training for all staff
  • Stated objective of Diversity & Inclusion in daily business and hiring practices
  • Zero tolerance policy for bribery and corruption

Why Bermuda?

A spirit of cooperation between industry, regulators, and government has flourished in Bermuda, with all parties focused on reinforcing the island’s reputation as an international hub for business. 

There is much to commend Bermuda as a financial centre, including 91 tax treaty partners and the highest standards of regulation, compliance and infrastructure. In addition, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has recognized Bermuda as a first-class domicile.

  • Location & time zone


    Located in the North Atlantic between Europe and the United States, Bermuda is in the Atlantic Standard Time zone (GMT-4).

  • Solvency II


    Bermuda has been granted full equivalency under Solvency II, the harmonized EU-wide insurance regulatory regime.

  • Reliable infrastructure


    The island boasts robust technological and physical infrastructures, including commercial and private air terminals.

  • Stable political landscape


    Bermuda is Britain’s oldest overseas territory; the system of government is based on the Westminster model of parliamentary democracy.

  • British legal system


    The legal system in Bermuda follows English common law and is more than 400 years old.

  • Pertinent legislation


    The island is proactive in enacting the necessary statutes so that its legislative framework is relevant and meets international standards.